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  1. I AM ANNA

    Monday, August 29, 2011

    AUGUST 15, 1947 ‘THE HINDU’ newspaper reads “FREE INDIA IS BORN”,”MEMBERS TAKE PLEDGE OF SERVICE TO COUNTRY”. ‘The Times Of India’ reads “BIRTH OF INDIA’S FREEDOM”,”NATION WAKES TO NEW LIFE”,”Mr.Nehru calls for Big effort from people”. Today ‘AMSARAJIYAM’ reads “INDIA TAKES A NEW BREATH OF LIFE”.
    Past few weeks, there has been a revolutionary change happening in Indian politics, a Old man,74years of age has been standing tall like a guarding soldier amidst the sun and haze to protect us. The similarity is that both Anna hazare and army men sacrifice their today for our tomorrow.

    There were times when other countries saw men from our country as saints, intellects, but it was in BC. The world has changed now, so has the view of other countries on India and Indians. They have started seeing Indians as greedy, corrupted people because of few corrupted civilians who are hidden amongst us. It’s high time we change this. Have we started? You know the answer, YES!

    ‘Anna hazare’ is the name that has been echoing and feeding humongous amount of breaking news for the news channels for the past one month, protesting and staging a silent war for the amendment of Jan Lokpal bill. I see people asking ‘where were you all these days Anna ji ? ’, ‘why didn’t you start this war few years back, we could have saved millions?’ I would say “Better late than never”.
    But where was he all these days? He definitely did not jump from Mars or Venus, so where was he? He was in You and Me, he was in the person who tweeted angrily seeing the CWG scams, he was the youngster who had put up a igniting status message in facebook seeing the 2G scam, he was in the 40 year old who used to arise discussion amongst his fellow colleagues on corruption, he was in the press reporters and columnists who used to write about corruption week in and week out, he was in the teenager who filled up his blogs with blazing articles. All these people were waiting for a chance to burst up,to stand up against corruption which Hazare gave them.

    Anna hazare is a person who has the heart of 2011 youngster and brain of a Man of 1947.Did he say something new? Did he fight for something we have not heard of? No, all he did was he stood up against all the odds and voiced for you and me, stood up and said what people like you and me had in our mind. He voiced the cry of a family man who was forced pay bribe to get his land registered, he voiced for the forty year old who had to pay bribe in Hospitals to get his treatment done, he voiced for the nation which was weeping in anger seeing the amount of corruption that has been taking place all these days.

    The youngsters were desperate for a leader like Anna to lead them to right path, all were looking up asking lord Krishna, Jesus, Allah to come and help us. And finally the ray of hope came, Is that all about Anna hazare? No, hazare showed us the way, our strength i.e. Unity. Today the victory is not Hazare’s but it’s ours; there can be nothing more powerful than the people in a democratic nation like India. If we are united nothing can stumble us, hazare made us realize that. Past few days was like a week full of India-Pakistan match. Before this happened, it seemed like our country men would realize they are Indians only in three circumstances. First, During India-Pakistan match. Second, independence day and finally, when we get our Visas. Hazare changed the scenario. From over a month he has brought up the spirit of oneness in Indians together. He stood steady, against the government, against the political pressures, against all odds for our future generations. A big salute to the man who made it possible. He may look old, but he has a young heart of our century.

    He has showed us the way, now it is the supreme duty of the younger generation to say no to corruption and follow the right path and make our country clean and pure. In 1963 Hazare was a driver for Indian army and now after so many years he is the driving force for the entire nation.Hail Anna Hazare! Let’s be a role model to our future generations Stand up against corruption “Anti-Corruption Starts from you!”.
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  2. The Liquid Gold!

    Thursday, August 4, 2011

    People say “Nothing is permanent except Change” We all know this fact.
    We all know everything keeps changing in one way or the other. But there is one thing that keeps changing in just one way, only one way. We are talking about a commodity that is an integral part of everyday life . But the problem with the most important commodity is that its cost is ever increasing as "rajanikanth's fans list”. Yes, if you guess that we are referring about petrol, then you are right. It’s been an every day problem from a prolonged time. Like rajinikanth says”mun veitha naan kaalai pin veikamaten” the petrol prices have been moving in one way, only one way. It goes Up, Up above the world so high!
    There have been strikes and protests to reduce the cost of petrol. But we are not going to talk about that. Let’s stop complaining and act smart. So, our first area to concentrate is, how to save petrol? Here are some ways.
    Buy or fill up your car or bike with petrol in the early morning, when the ground temperature is still cold. Remember that all service stations have their storage tanks underground. The colder the ground, the more dense will be the fuel. When it gets warmer, petrol expands. So, when you fill your vehicle’s tanks in the afternoon or in the evening, one litre is not exactly “a litre or 100ml”. In the petroleum business, two aspects, the specific gravity and the temperature play an important role. one degree rise in temperature is a big deal for this business. But the service stations do not have temperature compensation at the pumps.
    Another important tip is to fill up when your tank is HALF FULL. The reason for this is, the more fuel you have in your tank the less is the volume of air occupying its empty space. Petrol evaporates faster than you can imagine.
    Another reminder, if there is a fuel truck pumping into the storage tanks when you stop to buy, DO NOT fill up--most likely the petrol/diesel is being stirred up as the fuel is being delivered, and you might pick up some of the dirt that normally settles on the bottom.
    But there is one solution that could make you even more smarter, healthier, eco-friendly. Yes, Let your vehicles take rest and Start walking, go eco friendly and save the planet!
    "Burn your Calories not your money! "
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  3. Bustling means “Move in an energetic or noisy manner” a word which I felt could definitely be apt to describe our own ‘Burma bazaar’. It has History, Mobiles, Video games, CD’s,Electronic items and what not ? I recall my child hood days, Whenever I want a CD or any electronic items the first word or place that strikes my mind is Burma bazaar.
    It’s been a repository of all the above from over a long period of time. Whenever I think about it, I get lot of questions in my mind. One of them is Why It’s called ‘Burma’ Bazaar. I tried to encapsulate its hidden history.
    So, here’s how the story apparently goes. Back in olden days, around the time when we had just got our independence, there were quite a few people from Burma, who were working in plantations. There was a sizeable working population that was from India, and life went on. When a new emperor/king took over Burma, as a means of doing what Srilanka started off to do as well, the government wanted to increase the chances of locals getting employed, so kicked out all the non-Burmese population out of the country. Quite a few countries interfered and so did India, especially TamilNadu. As we are known for and as the proverb says “vantharai vazha veikum thamiz nadu” we stood by our name and we justified the saying.
    Out of humanitarian concern, the government of tamilnadu setup a strip of land, where the refugees could sell whatever possessions they had – most of them were plantation equipment, so that with that money they could start a living. This was around 1962. The agile selling still goes on, and the place stays ever energetic and ever lively throughout the day.
    The bazaar is run by Burma Tamizhar Marumalarchi Sangam, an association that has been set up to look after the interests of the traders since 1966.Tamil nadu government laid the foundation for their life, but they worked hard and developed Burma bazaar into a big archive of electronic goods. From place for refugees to a big archive of electronic goods, these people have really been a example for hard work. Appreciation for these people is the least we could do. These people’s hard work will ensure Burma buzaar will always be a Busy Buzaar
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