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    Tuesday, February 19, 2013

    20 Things I would write in my room and read every day.

    A picture from the movie - Peaceful warrior.

    Are these protocols ? No, Rules ? No. Suggestions ? Maybe.. But I Leave it to you to decide what these are.

    1. Be truthful, Be honest. It doesn't guarantee you to escape from a problem, but it will give you a peaceful sleep. It may even put you through a deeper problem, but you never know what lying may lead to.

    2.Do what you want to, no matter what. Love what you do, OR LEAVE.You choose your path, people may influence you but they can never take your decision, it’s YOU at the end of day. You’ll stand all ALONE one day, and No body will thank you for following their words anyway. Do what you LOVE. Everybody fails at one paint anyway, lets fail doing what we love, at least we’ll be happy enough to try it again and get better next time. But You'll BE HAPPY. You'll Live your life.

    3.LOVE everyone, YES! No bars! No Expectations. Hate ? revenge ? You can bank on KARMA for that, It'll do the screwing ups, be it for you or others. After all 'what you sow is what you reap'.

    4.Don't Live someone's life, It's worse than a suicide, don't kill yourself. Don't kill the person inside you, the talent inside you. That Dude deserves to be shown to the World; Maybe the World would need him.

    5.BE ORIGINAL, Wear what you want, not what others would like. F**k fashion, you decide your looks not someone in Mumbai or Delhi. Copying is not so cool. Be Red amidst Blue. 

    6.Scribble on your walls (If it is not an hostel/PG), and Facebook wall is not what i'm talking about , I mean Draw something, Do your own posters, Something that will make you smile, inspire whenever you see it.

    7.Go Crazy,often.. Dance in shower, sing in the rain, Bath in the laughter, swim in happiness , Walk in the wall(with a rope, you are no Spiderman bud), Sleep on the floor, Eat with your hands. Do what you want and not what others do.

    8.READ often, WRITE a LOT, express yourself to your Diary , blogs, cartoons, they'll understand you, they'll make you feel good, They'll encourage you. They'll be with you.

    9.WORK HARD, Work more than enough, it will never harm you. Work when it is choice, if not it will be forced upon you, yeah Life is a Bitch. You can't do anything about that.

    10. Don't moan.. God doesn't listen to those, he is not bothered about customer satisfaction, remove all your 'wish life had a forward button' pictures from your mind. There is no time machine. We Don't need one. There will be a day, when you'll long to even live the days you wanted to fast forward.

    Compare your yesterday with YOUR TODAY.. not with others. Don’t disrespect yourself.
    You'll be very Dead soon son, If you keep living someone else's life God will soon say 'enough of the crap..come up buddy you are done.', So hurry up(No i'm not cursing,take it as an warning).. Don't wait to settle, LIVE the life,  Live the storm .
    Life is limited, It is a journey from start to end, you can either Live from start or Die everyday, every hour,minute,second to DEATH.

    11.Enjoy PAIN, It's for good.. It changes you, it shapes you, it takes you to a new place, a BETTER one.
    Don't keep complaining or moaning, Nobody gives a rats ass. Every one has their own problems.

    12.Don't judge others, You'll be wrong anyway.

    13. Have an AIM, Dart game without a target is just like throwing stones in to the pond, No point in doing it.A target is what makes it interesting, makes it lively. Life is the same. You need not hit the BULLS EYE every time, but have a Bulls eye.

    14. Learn What you want. To do what you love, learn them.. master in it, Money will follow. Just place the Dots,Let the dots be darker.. They all will connect, trust your destiny.  

    15.Feel loved, Feel lucky because You are loved, Of course You are Lucky. you are reading this ;)
    Success has nothing to do with happiness, you define success, so be happy anyway.

    16.Forgive, Forget, Remember not to give a F**k about it anymore, Don't look back you are not going there anyway.

    17.Don't be Shy, Cover enough, show off less, show enough. ask what you want, if you don't No will be the answer anyway, give it a try.

    18.Do it TODAY, tomorrow you have to watch ARSENAL Play.(Best inspirational line for me)

    19. Rough day ? Have a Coffee, Have a nap, Listen some songs,See Two and half men.. Forget it was rough.

    20.Don't GIVE UP, Don't stay down, Dust it off and start all over again, NOW! It's not late, It's never late.
    If you are down, Get up.. but don't get up empty handed, pick something.

    Read this often, follow it.....
    Post this blog.

    P.S We all have that moment in our day, when the internet is down, when a video takes too long to load or during a long shower, we try to find out the inner most sense/essence of life or ask ourselves 'what am i doing with my life'..This blog is just something like that. My internet was down, This is what happens to me when I'm without Internet, Blame it all on BSNL I say..I'm not responsible. ;)  Please solve my internet issues soon BSNL or people could suffer more and if you are so desperate feel free to take steps to solve the issue as well :D. But i really like reading these regularly, it pumps me up. Hope it does to you as well.
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