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    Tuesday, December 6, 2011

    Recently there was a discussion amongst a few college students whether business is better for their future or Jobs. Many preferred Jobs as they wanted a secure life, with more income and less hard work.
    They said it’s too much of a risk to take up business soon after their college. While some were talking  for their ambition and dream of being successful in life, yes the latter sound money oriented while the former sound like a typical corporate element. But is that all ? School, college, job ? is that going to be the routine for all the next generation students ? I found some exceptions, Big time exceptions.
    While there are people who are very much concerned about their own life there are people who had concern and love for their country.
    They went to place where they made “Men out of boys” and sacrificed their joys while their civilian friends enjoyed Living their life with the fashion trends;
    Enjoying their so called "college days" While the latter sweated and bled in the sun and haze.
    While the former promised to his Girl friend that he would never leave her the latter took oath to protect our mother country over land, air or sea, And make the supreme sacrifice when the need came to be. They were never recognized for their sacrifices.
    While the former protected his house with alarms the latter left his wife, sons,daughters,sisters,parents to our mother India to take care and bleeded for her. While the former enjoyed his weekends in cinema theaters the latter spent his time in the place where death looms all the time.
    He was the man standing guard in the snow,
    He dint know the name of his newborn He did not meet his father who breathed his last.
    Even after knowing all these, He was the one who stood tall and protect our nation in Punjab Himachal and Thois. After all these do they get their due recognition or at least what they deserve ?
    This country promised them to give a future, look after his family ? did it full fill it ? After all our country protects even the criminals and terrorists. In spite of these facts they still risk their life without a sigh, To keep our Flag flying high. All we do is a gun shot after their death and few drops of tears.For our tomorrow they sacrifice their today!
    Do we understand they deserve more ? Its high time we give their due’s and give them what they deserve for letting us live the safe life we live today. A Salute and a Bow is the least we can do for now.
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