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  1. "The Storm"

    Saturday, February 9, 2013

    It was calm, pleasant, happy.. Until you came all guns blazing,
    I still sit here gazing at the sky without a clue,
    You made everything around me blue.
    You broke the laughter,And let me rot all alone in the rafter.
    You broke the smile,
    And parted us away by a million mile,
    You wrecked the boat,
    And for all the sorrows I was made the scapegoat.
    Everything was chaos because of the winds blow,
    And no one could hear the cry of the troubled soul.
    The light from the sky used to give us some faith,
    But you tossed us up upside down changing our fate.
    You brought Darkness into our life,
    you made ……………….. me stutter to write this line.
    You blew hard sweeping everything aloof,
    And left me weeping all alone.
    You Gobbled up everything that was in your way,
    Making me sober in this way.
    People said this might start of new life of gods send,
    But I wish soon this pain comes to an end.

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