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  1. My Little Sunshine. :)

    Friday, April 5, 2013

                                                           Amidst the scary, strong winds,
                                                      Amidst the storm..the perfect storm,
                                                       After a long time, i felt the warmth,
                                                      It was a sunshine, my little sunshine.
                                                I shall take a pause from dwelling on my past
                                                       To tell you about my little sunshine,
                                                           My Little sunshine, he is cute,
                                                  He brightened my life that was simply Brut.
                                                    My little Sunshine is so damn adorable.
                                                                    He is a cute baby boy,
                                                                    with teeny-tiny hands ,
                                                                    That tug out our hair..
                                                                      Two teeny tiny legs,
                                                             that crawl though our place.
                                                            Two little feet, ten little toes,
                                                        That brought happiness to our lives.
                                                             My little sunshine loves me,
                                            His innocent smile makes us forget the world,
                                            As his tiny teeth's start to peek out like a pearl.
                                  He would never ever get a chance to read this is my wish,  :P
                                              My little sunshine's name goes by KRISH. :) 

    P.S : I know it's very stupid, but couldn't resist making a poem(It is meant to be one) after going through his pictures. I know it's not up to the mark..I know this little fella deserves a much better one, i promise you i'll come with a better one. Until then. :-D 

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