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  1. Samsung S4 Advertisement.

    Thursday, May 9, 2013

    Right from my childhood days, I've had a interest in advertisements. I always search for small bits of innovations in it, More than these movies and other shows they leave a strong mark on you. You can watch a movie one or two times but an advertisement, you watch it nearly 5 times in a show.God knows how many times we watch each and every adv. so it is a big task for the creators to make a adv that doesn't bore people, Attracting people is their only motive. But of-late with these Jewel shop ads, lunghi advs and this Perfume ads its getting more and more irritating. When things get irritating, to cool myself of i laugh at them. That is what i thought i'd do, with some blog posts about the advertisement, what do i call it like review ? trolls ? I'll just call it my view. Sounds very strange eh?? When it popped up in my mind, i felt the same. But thought i'l just give it a try. So here it is.

    Recently Samsung has come up with their new smartphone, expected to be the best among the Samsung's smart phones, S4. The Advertisement is actually pretty decent. This is the advertisement. (YouTube link of it)

    So the point is you can share the video's , songs, pictures,games etc. You can form a group, upload to it, and whoever is in that group can enjoy the video or music or whatever it is. It seems we can do it without being connected to a Wi-Fi network.
    So this advertisement is, it's a half time in a game and the teams are at their rooms and looks like they need an inspiration so one guy share's a track on the group play and everybody in the teams play the music and get pumped up and leave for second half. Seems legit, but..
    1. Where on earth is your coach / manager ?  Isn't he supposed to do that ?
    2. All the players in team with s4's ? Only if Samsung is your sponsor. There definitely gotta be apple fanatic in a group.
    3. And if you've traveled in a Chennai train or bus, you'd think just like what i did. Everyone wants to listen to a song so you've shared the song. Bitch please, in Chennai we have high-profile people who play songs for the entire bus/train they travel in. Doesn't matter if you want it or not, you have to listen to it, you can't ignore it, you can't hear anything else. It's that much loud (argh!!). Mostly it is one of those old songs or gana songs being played in those High end korean phones.
    You make a phone for 41k , it can share music to other phones. But people in korea make it for 4k and it can share music with people who don't even have a phone , and even if they don't want.

    P.S : You can read more about Group play in :
    After reading this(i mean my blog) you might feel like 'what on earth was this ?' i can't blame you, i felt exactly the same way after writing this. But it popped up in my mind and i'm giving it a try.
    Will i do more of this ?? well it will depend on the response i get. So act responsibly citizens.
    Until next time.
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  2. My Little Sunshine. :)

    Friday, April 5, 2013

                                                           Amidst the scary, strong winds,
                                                      Amidst the storm..the perfect storm,
                                                       After a long time, i felt the warmth,
                                                      It was a sunshine, my little sunshine.
                                                I shall take a pause from dwelling on my past
                                                       To tell you about my little sunshine,
                                                           My Little sunshine, he is cute,
                                                  He brightened my life that was simply Brut.
                                                    My little Sunshine is so damn adorable.
                                                                    He is a cute baby boy,
                                                                    with teeny-tiny hands ,
                                                                    That tug out our hair..
                                                                      Two teeny tiny legs,
                                                             that crawl though our place.
                                                            Two little feet, ten little toes,
                                                        That brought happiness to our lives.
                                                             My little sunshine loves me,
                                            His innocent smile makes us forget the world,
                                            As his tiny teeth's start to peek out like a pearl.
                                  He would never ever get a chance to read this is my wish,  :P
                                              My little sunshine's name goes by KRISH. :) 

    P.S : I know it's very stupid, but couldn't resist making a poem(It is meant to be one) after going through his pictures. I know it's not up to the mark..I know this little fella deserves a much better one, i promise you i'll come with a better one. Until then. :-D 

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  3. Let's live better. Let's inspire someone.

    Tuesday, February 19, 2013

    20 Things I would write in my room and read every day.

    A picture from the movie - Peaceful warrior.

    Are these protocols ? No, Rules ? No. Suggestions ? Maybe.. But I Leave it to you to decide what these are.

    1. Be truthful, Be honest. It doesn't guarantee you to escape from a problem, but it will give you a peaceful sleep. It may even put you through a deeper problem, but you never know what lying may lead to.

    2.Do what you want to, no matter what. Love what you do, OR LEAVE.You choose your path, people may influence you but they can never take your decision, it’s YOU at the end of day. You’ll stand all ALONE one day, and No body will thank you for following their words anyway. Do what you LOVE. Everybody fails at one paint anyway, lets fail doing what we love, at least we’ll be happy enough to try it again and get better next time. But You'll BE HAPPY. You'll Live your life.

    3.LOVE everyone, YES! No bars! No Expectations. Hate ? revenge ? You can bank on KARMA for that, It'll do the screwing ups, be it for you or others. After all 'what you sow is what you reap'.

    4.Don't Live someone's life, It's worse than a suicide, don't kill yourself. Don't kill the person inside you, the talent inside you. That Dude deserves to be shown to the World; Maybe the World would need him.

    5.BE ORIGINAL, Wear what you want, not what others would like. F**k fashion, you decide your looks not someone in Mumbai or Delhi. Copying is not so cool. Be Red amidst Blue. 

    6.Scribble on your walls (If it is not an hostel/PG), and Facebook wall is not what i'm talking about , I mean Draw something, Do your own posters, Something that will make you smile, inspire whenever you see it.

    7.Go Crazy,often.. Dance in shower, sing in the rain, Bath in the laughter, swim in happiness , Walk in the wall(with a rope, you are no Spiderman bud), Sleep on the floor, Eat with your hands. Do what you want and not what others do.

    8.READ often, WRITE a LOT, express yourself to your Diary , blogs, cartoons, they'll understand you, they'll make you feel good, They'll encourage you. They'll be with you.

    9.WORK HARD, Work more than enough, it will never harm you. Work when it is choice, if not it will be forced upon you, yeah Life is a Bitch. You can't do anything about that.

    10. Don't moan.. God doesn't listen to those, he is not bothered about customer satisfaction, remove all your 'wish life had a forward button' pictures from your mind. There is no time machine. We Don't need one. There will be a day, when you'll long to even live the days you wanted to fast forward.

    Compare your yesterday with YOUR TODAY.. not with others. Don’t disrespect yourself.
    You'll be very Dead soon son, If you keep living someone else's life God will soon say 'enough of the crap..come up buddy you are done.', So hurry up(No i'm not cursing,take it as an warning).. Don't wait to settle, LIVE the life,  Live the storm .
    Life is limited, It is a journey from start to end, you can either Live from start or Die everyday, every hour,minute,second to DEATH.

    11.Enjoy PAIN, It's for good.. It changes you, it shapes you, it takes you to a new place, a BETTER one.
    Don't keep complaining or moaning, Nobody gives a rats ass. Every one has their own problems.

    12.Don't judge others, You'll be wrong anyway.

    13. Have an AIM, Dart game without a target is just like throwing stones in to the pond, No point in doing it.A target is what makes it interesting, makes it lively. Life is the same. You need not hit the BULLS EYE every time, but have a Bulls eye.

    14. Learn What you want. To do what you love, learn them.. master in it, Money will follow. Just place the Dots,Let the dots be darker.. They all will connect, trust your destiny.  

    15.Feel loved, Feel lucky because You are loved, Of course You are Lucky. you are reading this ;)
    Success has nothing to do with happiness, you define success, so be happy anyway.

    16.Forgive, Forget, Remember not to give a F**k about it anymore, Don't look back you are not going there anyway.

    17.Don't be Shy, Cover enough, show off less, show enough. ask what you want, if you don't No will be the answer anyway, give it a try.

    18.Do it TODAY, tomorrow you have to watch ARSENAL Play.(Best inspirational line for me)

    19. Rough day ? Have a Coffee, Have a nap, Listen some songs,See Two and half men.. Forget it was rough.

    20.Don't GIVE UP, Don't stay down, Dust it off and start all over again, NOW! It's not late, It's never late.
    If you are down, Get up.. but don't get up empty handed, pick something.

    Read this often, follow it.....
    Post this blog.

    P.S We all have that moment in our day, when the internet is down, when a video takes too long to load or during a long shower, we try to find out the inner most sense/essence of life or ask ourselves 'what am i doing with my life'..This blog is just something like that. My internet was down, This is what happens to me when I'm without Internet, Blame it all on BSNL I say..I'm not responsible. ;)  Please solve my internet issues soon BSNL or people could suffer more and if you are so desperate feel free to take steps to solve the issue as well :D. But i really like reading these regularly, it pumps me up. Hope it does to you as well.
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  4. "The Storm"

    Saturday, February 9, 2013

    It was calm, pleasant, happy.. Until you came all guns blazing,
    I still sit here gazing at the sky without a clue,
    You made everything around me blue.
    You broke the laughter,And let me rot all alone in the rafter.
    You broke the smile,
    And parted us away by a million mile,
    You wrecked the boat,
    And for all the sorrows I was made the scapegoat.
    Everything was chaos because of the winds blow,
    And no one could hear the cry of the troubled soul.
    The light from the sky used to give us some faith,
    But you tossed us up upside down changing our fate.
    You brought Darkness into our life,
    you made ……………….. me stutter to write this line.
    You blew hard sweeping everything aloof,
    And left me weeping all alone.
    You Gobbled up everything that was in your way,
    Making me sober in this way.
    People said this might start of new life of gods send,
    But I wish soon this pain comes to an end.

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  5. Viswaroopam - Kamal's Biryani.

    Thursday, January 31, 2013

    First and foremost thing is, i feel very sad for Kamal, he has put in a lot of Hard work and Money into this movie, he expected this to win Big,but it is so unfortunate that he has had to face this many problems. This could do so much damage to an ordinary artist, but kamal is no Ordinary artist, nothing is going to change in him and i'm sure his next ventures will have even more strong messages, these doesn't break him.. if he was such a person he would have compromised with DTH issue , but he stood for decision and was stubborn, it's hard to break this kind of people. Being a Rajini fan i should say, he has handled the situation exceptionally well,I'm not sure if super star would've reacted in this way..he would have gone for more peaceful and non-controversial manner,  though some say kamal could have bent down a little and the problem would have been solved very easily, but he doesn't do that.. He stood for his decision and fought till he could and that is the exact same thing he is doing now.
              Kamal din't see this coming, any of this. He was expecting a big opening for the movie but the situation is so bad that his fans have had to travel to other states to watch the movie. So what really happened is Kamal is sitting here with his all delicious chicken biryani, made with the help of some very high end technological instruments, by the looks of it we can say it has both the South indian spice and some mayonnese and cheese and all foreign stuffs too in it. Looks like a winner to me. But BAAMMM came the problems one by one. First the DTH and now this muslim community issue.The sad thing is that we still haven't seen the movie and we don't have a freaking idea about who is correct err!! We fans are in a bad state as well, We got the smell of the Biryani, got the reviews about how awesome it is, but still when we were about to eat..these people snatched it. (kaiku eatnathu vaiku etama pochi)
    Kamal's Viswaroopam - Looks delicous, spicy.. yum yum!!
             But poor fellow he is being stuck between a big political games which we don't understand what it is. But we are fed with some information through this media, We analyse that in Facebook pages and start over reacting, we do it for everything, Recently it started from this CWG scam,2g scam,then this lokpal bill..this dude Anna Hazare (Sounds like you've heard his name before, eh? ), then came the Delhi-Girl-Rape case, we reacted.. put up DP's, Sent very strong petition's IN FACEBOOK.. caused hell a lot of change and now the prime minister along with sonia gandhi with help of some police officials are counting the number of petitions and number of black DP's we kept, and reports say we are very close to winning and they will punish those guys based on this. Sigh! And now the focus shifts to next issue, So does the DP's in Facebook.I haven't tried this timeline graph, but what i guess it could be is, collect all DP's in particular time period and you can figure out what had happened during that time, I wonder why i'm yet to see any strong petitions.. or there must have been some revolutionists trying hard to spread the petition.
               The problem with us is that we dance exactly to the tune of the Media, who unfortunately dance to the politicians tunes.. they decide what issue should be made big, what should be swallowed. They decide, feed us with the news, some see the news and start the Facebook revolt and then it spreads like a leaked love affair in a class and we all start moaning about it. We don't see the issue in any other perspective  we just accept what we are told.
                I feel it was correct to postpone the movie last time around, with Republic day and miladi-nabi around the corner you cannot release such a controversial movie, if it is being released, for all the 500 odd theaters there should be Police security, During republic day can we afford to do that ? No, maybe there could been some attacked planned if the police were diverted with this issue and republic day functions could have become a chaos (Argh! i should stop seeing this Homeland). That's fine for me, but why did the TN govt again ban the movie ? That's suspicious, maybe we'l be knowing what game it was after few days. Now Kamal sits there with his decilcious Biriyani ready to be served to the hungry fans but some organisations complaint that the chicken in the biriyani is shown as chicken, and govt feels that it's correct and want all the chickens to be removed, kamal has now agreed to remove a Leg piece, further judgement will be made on 4th. Lets hope we get some chicken piece and not just kuska.
    Piece less Bad-conditioned. Eyy!!

      I really hope these issues get solved and Kamal gets what he really deserve, Fame,money,name,awards.

    P.S :Sorry if i had offended any of your feelings.. I tried to be funny and as well convey how i see this issue, you din't find it funny ? You wanna start a facebook war ?

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