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  1. Thank you, Guard.

    Tuesday, July 19, 2016

    I was returning back from office, I saw few police officers standing in the Chetpet railway station and reminded me of a murder that happened a few weeks back in chennai. I felt bad that safety is something we don't care about everyday but it's a thing we need every moment, fast forward an hour I was at Chromepet station and saw two police standing, nothing had happened they were doing their usual patrol duty.. I noticed that not many bothered to even look up to them.. I saw them and smiled at them, they smiled back.. I should have ideally saluted them, but felt it'd be kinda weird and they would think I'm crazy and even put me in jail. To think of it, actually no one appreciates their work, we all yearn for that in at our work place and when we don't get it we get upset or angry.. I'm not talking about appraisals and promotion, I don't even know what those are.. But little things like "Hey good job there". But do we do them? No. Not even to our colleagues. Our life is so fast paced that we don't notice the work people do.. Except for that one girl or guy you like in your office. And we all have cursed our clients and complained how unthankful they are, one small appreciation mail from them bammm we'd be flying. However badly we abused them, one mail and then there will be a smile in one corner of our mouth and we will move on saying ahhh whatever, but we would work with a special enthusiasm from next day. So in this case we are the unthankful client, do we realize they are the reason we aren't mugged? Beaten up, maybe even killed. But do we have time to Thank them? salute them, thanking them in their style? Do we smile at them? Do we even have a second to look up at them? No we are busy walking, gazing at our phone, busy updating our gfs,wives or catching some Pokémons. I realized their need when I came to chennai to Bangalore, I was sitting at the KR puram railway station and I started on a Saturday because I had office on SATURDAY,YES ON SATURDAY. Who starts from Bangalore to Chennai on Saturday, there aren't many poor souls like me. So the entire station was kinda empty, just a few families here and there. And a gang came near me and were smoking what looked like ganja and after they were done, they came to me and were randomly talking, initially were very rude to me trying to invite for a fight but I had to nice talk them to avoid any trouble. Some 15 vs 1, didn't think that was the right time to show the world that I've been going to gym (10 days out of 60). Had to undergo this torture of random talks for about 2 hours, thanks to Aravind level punctuality of kaveri express, they must consider changing the name to Aravind express. I realized there are literally no police around. In silicon valley of India, in a main railway station, when they are actually needed.. There were no one to help, nothing happened to me.. I had to talk with them for 2hrs, but I just played along with them. Don't think a girl would do that or should do that, so what if there was a girl with me or instead of me, scary right ? The guy who you didn't glance at, the guy who you didn't have time for. Saved you, your sister, mom. And is saving as you read this. This triggered me to write this blog, I'm not saying I'm a very nice person so i smiled at them and those who don't do it aren't. It's just that these series of events triggered this thought, I'm writing this down so that in a hope that it will trigger the same thought for you as well.  They are actually doing their job and are getting paid for it. But, I don't want to be a unthankful client of theirs. I don't want them to look at me and say " Argh, am I wasting my energy protecting this asshole gazing at his mobile ". I hope I have this feeling for a long time. I will smile next time I see a guard at a railway station and I want to ask them what they feel about their unthankful clients.

    Here it is to the ones I don't see, to the ones I didn't have time to look at as I was busy burying my face in the mobile. Thank you, Guard.
    Is it intentional that god,and guard are similar in pronunciation? Maybe.

    Until next time.

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  2. Is my app ready for release ?

    Saturday, August 15, 2015

    Whenever I download a new app one of the things I wonder about is how the developer decided that his app is ready to be released. How did he come to the conclusion that these features are good enough? anyone who has ever been involved in the development of any application would know that when an app idea pops up you never stop there, you simply keep thinking about what else you can add to the app. That moment I must tell you is one of the most exciting time. You believe it will work out and do your best. But It’s very hard to decide which all features should be in initial version and which all features you can save it for future versions. I’ve always thought about this, wanted to do an analysis and come to a conclusion but being a professional procrastinator I’ve never done it. Now the same problem came up at my work place, so this time I was extra motivated. This blog post is the result of that.

    Developing an app is a lengthy process and involves many decisions. One of the decision is, which of these two questions do you give priority to ? “Hey, isn’t the app live yet ?” Or “Dude, that is all it does?” Basically it is about “Features vs Launch date”.

    Should I simply launch the app that has just the very basic feature or add few more features that will make your app stand out amongst a pool of similar app. These days it is almost impossible to make an app that is completely based on a new idea, whatever app you decide to make there are already few apps like that. There are lot of analytics based help to tell you when you should launch your app, I mean which day of the week, at what time and all those. But how do you know your app is ready for a release ? One of the basic thing about an app is, It should be bug free, but can’t expect to be absolutely bug free I know.. Let it at least be usable, I have seen apps that have fancy videos and UI(from the pictures and videos) but when you download the app and try to use it, it crashes. Trust me there isn’t anything more frustrating than this, we are actually spending our precious data for your app so act responsibly.Coming back to the topic, I did a little, very little research on this but couldn’t find a direct answer. (If you find anything please let me know). So I thought I’ll dig the internet a little and come to my own conclusion. Let’s take both the scenarios.

    Scenario 1. Say I consider launch date as my priority and deploy an app quickly with just the very basic feature. A user installs it, uses it.. Ok the basic feature is there and it’s working.. But there will be a thought in the users mind why should I go for this, if he is downloading an app chances that user already has a similar app is high. So, how different is this app from the pool of similar apps? If you manage to stand out with just that basic feature well and good but if that is not the case, I’m telling you sorry but the app is going into the bin and the probability of making a come back to that phone is very less. Even if in the second version you add a very good feature and the user hears about it, he will have a slight hesitation because he already has impression registered about your app (heard of the first impression is the best impression stuff, yeah it’s kinda true). So you have to take extra effort to overcome that.
    Even if they like your app, your competitor must have an app with more features given that they already are in the business they must have a more toned version than your beta version right? So unless you give enough reason for the user to ditch that app he is already using, he is not using your app. Please understand that he is spending his data to download your app and is ready to undergo the pain of configuring the app to make your app understand what he likes and what he doesn’t. Which the previous app already knows, so it makes sense to make it worth all this right? Ok, let’s take a positive outcome in this scenario.
    You get the app rolling quick. If the user is patient enough to wait for your next version, then you can consider yourself lucky. But if there are similar apps the odds that the user will not go to your competitor and stay with you is very less.

    Scenario 2: You play it slow and add very useful features along with the basic feature and release it. You now have in your hand a reason for the user to ditch the previous app and undergo the pain stated above.
    I have a very good example for this scenario, Facebook and MySpace.
    MySpace was live from 2003, was a hit and is supposed to rule the social media. But they were stagnant, the idea was interesting but not the website, after a year or so it wasn’t “cool” anymore. But a year later Facebook comes along with a better version and bammm everyone ditches the MySpace goes on to become the ruler of the social websites.Okay, Orkut was a like a temporary stay but it lost it’s way. MySpace lost it way and still not able to find it, Orkut has just diminished. One good thing about Facebook is it was flexible and ready to go in whichever way the users wants.
    Another possibility is that, say a user wanted an app before you released it and he installs your competitors app if he is satisfied with the app then his search will stop right there, even if there is a better app he won’t change for the pain of having to download and explain himself to the new app. Unless you come up with a good upgrade from the existing app like Facebook did, it’s a loss of a customer.
    There is an example to prove delaying wrong. Remember google plus? Of course you do. If you are reading this article in say 2017 you won’t because it’s having a slow death. Plus had all the features, even though it’s from the rulers of tech industry the user base is cruel and refused to move an inch out of the Facebook.
    But in both the cases if your second version or first version turns out to be brilliant no one cares about anything, your app will be a success.
    My conclusion is right time at right feature is obvious preference, but if I had to choose I’d add a good feature and would sacrifice my deploying date by say a month instead of rushing in to release the app. What do you think is the right approach ? Am i missing out anything ?
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    Thursday, December 11, 2014

    It's been long time since I blogged. Something happened last week that I felt was worthy of a blog. Many would suggest I build it up and then beak 'hugging pires' thing. But that's all I have been talking ever since that happened. Answer for many questions, irrespective of what the question was, my answer would be "ROBERT PIRES".
    This literally has been the case with me, if you feel I'm exaggerating try me.. Ping me I say. So how did it all started, the moment we knew Bobby would be coming to Chennai we decided we have to meet him. We know if we miss this, we can never see him again. So we wanted to try in all possible ways. We contacted a guy from isl to help us, flopped. I went to linkedIn and sent message to everyone who was associated with FC Goa. They didn't reply. Messaged few of 'em in Facebook no reply. Then we contacted a organization which gave AMSC  the information about Pires, then mailed FC Goa and Boom they replied to us, gave us the information about when they are landing in Chennai. We planned to give him a grand reception. Little did I know it will be this grand. We arranged everything and when I entered the airport I saw already there are 50 odd red jerseys waiting. Wow I said to myself. We were waiting and the storm came. What a moment, we were chanting super rob and he walked towards us.. Hands in pocket, 
    Just as he came near to us.. Hands out of pocket, waved at us. How can a Hi be this stylish.. I was like 'who are you rajinikanth' ? you have to see this to understand what I'm saying, and my ACSC boys, oh don't get me started about how awesome they are. We just stunned every soul in the Airport, they just didn't know how to handle us. Oh the chants, was echoing in my ears for days. 

     Then he signed our jerseys.. Was disappointed not to get his autograph but was elated that I could touch him. Went over to Hyatt and they didn't allow anyone in red jersey to enter into their hotel. I was kinda proud we had this effect. Then went back to screening and next day morning I was still buzzing that I met Bobby. My friend called me said we can go to Hyatt and give it a try, he met him already the previous day. It was a long shot we didn't expect it to be successful but I just wanted to give it a try. We walk in.. No one stopped *sigh of relief* we went to the lobby, came to know they are yet to arrive. We sat there waiting for him. And I hear 'He is here'. I wanted to piss. I was like seriously? Most important moment of my life and that's what how my body reacts. I look inside the bar and there he is. I forgot everything else.. We walked up to him. One of my friend lost patients and called him hello Robert he said Hi. We shook hands. Said we are arsenal fans. I was like the guy who got to meet his long term crush for the first time(i couldn't just find a comparison equal to this).. Had loads in my mind to ask but my mouth wasn't functioning. damn you, rest of the times I never stop talking.. When I had to, I was silent. While he was signing our jerseys I was looking at him. Never took my eyes of him.. I was sightadichifying him like I have never done to anyone.

    You can see me, not taking my eyes of him :) how can I, Oh bobby :) 

    Then I gave him my jersey to get it autographed. I asked if he can write "Once a Gooner always a Gooner". ok but can you stretch it, i was looking at him.. he said "stretch strethch". And signed. 
    He answered all of my friends question like who is your favourite arsenal player in current squad. "Santi Cazorla". When my friend had asked say Hi to Henry for us, he said." Do that when he comes to ISL next year ". Wow. I promise I'll write a blog again if that happens. One of my friend got sign in a dog tag. He signed. Then my friend showed the dog tag, it said " In arsene we trust ". Me too he said. Then that is all I remember.. My friends should have a better memory than me. Then he was done signing everything. The guy with him asked us to leave, we started moving away.. I was smiling but all of a sudden I was sad . I realized he is walking away. Voice inside me said " Dude, he is leaving. Go do something.. You have loads to ask ". Then I go in front of him and he looked at me I looked at him for 2 3 seconds. I did nothing, didn't speak a word.. He was like " yes". I was searching for what I wanted to ask, tell him in my stupid brain. I couldn't remember anything. I was like dude talk something. And I said " Bobby thank you for everything you have done for us. I wanted to thank him for invincibles, all the sweet memories he has given us. Maybe he thought I thanked him for the autographs, but I was happy I thanked him from my bottom of my heart. He smiled. I was like OK good job, next move ? Again he was about to move, all of a sudden I wanted to cry.. Maybe only now I realized I met a invincible. But I became emotional.. Was about to burst into tears.. Bang from no where I asked. "Bobby can I hug you" I was like who who who asked that.. I didn't, did I? I was scared. And He didn't answer... Just hugged, with the same hands he lifted the golden trophy, Fa cup, World cup.. The same hands with which he hugged Arsene Wenger, Henry, zidane. OMG OMG.. I hugged him too, I knew I was squeezing him, but I had to control my tears. With a voice that definitely not mine, I said "I LOVE YOU BOBBY". I knew it was the best moment of my life. I don't know what he reacted, I could hear him laugh. Then my inner voice said "photo dumbass,take a photo ". With pires locked inside my arms I looked around for my friends and screamed photo please. I could only see one of my friend arguing to a staff of FC Goa. And no one was around, damn you guys. He looked around as well then said, guess they went off. Thank you and then he left.I was there standing like a statute, in awe. in shock.. in dis belief.. he was just walking away, I was smiling like anything.. i said to myself "wow" and I saw another friend of mine, and he said he saw what just happened. And that is the best moment of my life. I was like ok "Mr.Yemma im done here, do your thing". Then I realized i havn't met Arsene wenger yet. Stay away I said. :) Until next time.

    Take care.

    And hey did i tell you i met Robert Pires ? :) 

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  4. Samsung S4 Advertisement.

    Thursday, May 9, 2013

    Right from my childhood days, I've had a interest in advertisements. I always search for small bits of innovations in it, More than these movies and other shows they leave a strong mark on you. You can watch a movie one or two times but an advertisement, you watch it nearly 5 times in a show.God knows how many times we watch each and every adv. so it is a big task for the creators to make a adv that doesn't bore people, Attracting people is their only motive. But of-late with these Jewel shop ads, lunghi advs and this Perfume ads its getting more and more irritating. When things get irritating, to cool myself of i laugh at them. That is what i thought i'd do, with some blog posts about the advertisement, what do i call it like review ? trolls ? I'll just call it my view. Sounds very strange eh?? When it popped up in my mind, i felt the same. But thought i'l just give it a try. So here it is.

    Recently Samsung has come up with their new smartphone, expected to be the best among the Samsung's smart phones, S4. The Advertisement is actually pretty decent. This is the advertisement. (YouTube link of it)

    So the point is you can share the video's , songs, pictures,games etc. You can form a group, upload to it, and whoever is in that group can enjoy the video or music or whatever it is. It seems we can do it without being connected to a Wi-Fi network.
    So this advertisement is, it's a half time in a game and the teams are at their rooms and looks like they need an inspiration so one guy share's a track on the group play and everybody in the teams play the music and get pumped up and leave for second half. Seems legit, but..
    1. Where on earth is your coach / manager ?  Isn't he supposed to do that ?
    2. All the players in team with s4's ? Only if Samsung is your sponsor. There definitely gotta be apple fanatic in a group.
    3. And if you've traveled in a Chennai train or bus, you'd think just like what i did. Everyone wants to listen to a song so you've shared the song. Bitch please, in Chennai we have high-profile people who play songs for the entire bus/train they travel in. Doesn't matter if you want it or not, you have to listen to it, you can't ignore it, you can't hear anything else. It's that much loud (argh!!). Mostly it is one of those old songs or gana songs being played in those High end korean phones.
    You make a phone for 41k , it can share music to other phones. But people in korea make it for 4k and it can share music with people who don't even have a phone , and even if they don't want.

    P.S : You can read more about Group play in :
    After reading this(i mean my blog) you might feel like 'what on earth was this ?' i can't blame you, i felt exactly the same way after writing this. But it popped up in my mind and i'm giving it a try.
    Will i do more of this ?? well it will depend on the response i get. So act responsibly citizens.
    Until next time.
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  5. My Little Sunshine. :)

    Friday, April 5, 2013

                                                           Amidst the scary, strong winds,
                                                      Amidst the storm..the perfect storm,
                                                       After a long time, i felt the warmth,
                                                      It was a sunshine, my little sunshine.
                                                I shall take a pause from dwelling on my past
                                                       To tell you about my little sunshine,
                                                           My Little sunshine, he is cute,
                                                  He brightened my life that was simply Brut.
                                                    My little Sunshine is so damn adorable.
                                                                    He is a cute baby boy,
                                                                    with teeny-tiny hands ,
                                                                    That tug out our hair..
                                                                      Two teeny tiny legs,
                                                             that crawl though our place.
                                                            Two little feet, ten little toes,
                                                        That brought happiness to our lives.
                                                             My little sunshine loves me,
                                            His innocent smile makes us forget the world,
                                            As his tiny teeth's start to peek out like a pearl.
                                  He would never ever get a chance to read this is my wish,  :P
                                              My little sunshine's name goes by KRISH. :) 

    P.S : I know it's very stupid, but couldn't resist making a poem(It is meant to be one) after going through his pictures. I know it's not up to the mark..I know this little fella deserves a much better one, i promise you i'll come with a better one. Until then. :-D 

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  6. Let's live better. Let's inspire someone.

    Tuesday, February 19, 2013

    20 Things I would write in my room and read every day.

    A picture from the movie - Peaceful warrior.

    Are these protocols ? No, Rules ? No. Suggestions ? Maybe.. But I Leave it to you to decide what these are.

    1. Be truthful, Be honest. It doesn't guarantee you to escape from a problem, but it will give you a peaceful sleep. It may even put you through a deeper problem, but you never know what lying may lead to.

    2.Do what you want to, no matter what. Love what you do, OR LEAVE.You choose your path, people may influence you but they can never take your decision, it’s YOU at the end of day. You’ll stand all ALONE one day, and No body will thank you for following their words anyway. Do what you LOVE. Everybody fails at one paint anyway, lets fail doing what we love, at least we’ll be happy enough to try it again and get better next time. But You'll BE HAPPY. You'll Live your life.

    3.LOVE everyone, YES! No bars! No Expectations. Hate ? revenge ? You can bank on KARMA for that, It'll do the screwing ups, be it for you or others. After all 'what you sow is what you reap'.

    4.Don't Live someone's life, It's worse than a suicide, don't kill yourself. Don't kill the person inside you, the talent inside you. That Dude deserves to be shown to the World; Maybe the World would need him.

    5.BE ORIGINAL, Wear what you want, not what others would like. F**k fashion, you decide your looks not someone in Mumbai or Delhi. Copying is not so cool. Be Red amidst Blue. 

    6.Scribble on your walls (If it is not an hostel/PG), and Facebook wall is not what i'm talking about , I mean Draw something, Do your own posters, Something that will make you smile, inspire whenever you see it.

    7.Go Crazy,often.. Dance in shower, sing in the rain, Bath in the laughter, swim in happiness , Walk in the wall(with a rope, you are no Spiderman bud), Sleep on the floor, Eat with your hands. Do what you want and not what others do.

    8.READ often, WRITE a LOT, express yourself to your Diary , blogs, cartoons, they'll understand you, they'll make you feel good, They'll encourage you. They'll be with you.

    9.WORK HARD, Work more than enough, it will never harm you. Work when it is choice, if not it will be forced upon you, yeah Life is a Bitch. You can't do anything about that.

    10. Don't moan.. God doesn't listen to those, he is not bothered about customer satisfaction, remove all your 'wish life had a forward button' pictures from your mind. There is no time machine. We Don't need one. There will be a day, when you'll long to even live the days you wanted to fast forward.

    Compare your yesterday with YOUR TODAY.. not with others. Don’t disrespect yourself.
    You'll be very Dead soon son, If you keep living someone else's life God will soon say 'enough of the crap..come up buddy you are done.', So hurry up(No i'm not cursing,take it as an warning).. Don't wait to settle, LIVE the life,  Live the storm .
    Life is limited, It is a journey from start to end, you can either Live from start or Die everyday, every hour,minute,second to DEATH.

    11.Enjoy PAIN, It's for good.. It changes you, it shapes you, it takes you to a new place, a BETTER one.
    Don't keep complaining or moaning, Nobody gives a rats ass. Every one has their own problems.

    12.Don't judge others, You'll be wrong anyway.

    13. Have an AIM, Dart game without a target is just like throwing stones in to the pond, No point in doing it.A target is what makes it interesting, makes it lively. Life is the same. You need not hit the BULLS EYE every time, but have a Bulls eye.

    14. Learn What you want. To do what you love, learn them.. master in it, Money will follow. Just place the Dots,Let the dots be darker.. They all will connect, trust your destiny.  

    15.Feel loved, Feel lucky because You are loved, Of course You are Lucky. you are reading this ;)
    Success has nothing to do with happiness, you define success, so be happy anyway.

    16.Forgive, Forget, Remember not to give a F**k about it anymore, Don't look back you are not going there anyway.

    17.Don't be Shy, Cover enough, show off less, show enough. ask what you want, if you don't No will be the answer anyway, give it a try.

    18.Do it TODAY, tomorrow you have to watch ARSENAL Play.(Best inspirational line for me)

    19. Rough day ? Have a Coffee, Have a nap, Listen some songs,See Two and half men.. Forget it was rough.

    20.Don't GIVE UP, Don't stay down, Dust it off and start all over again, NOW! It's not late, It's never late.
    If you are down, Get up.. but don't get up empty handed, pick something.

    Read this often, follow it.....
    Post this blog.

    P.S We all have that moment in our day, when the internet is down, when a video takes too long to load or during a long shower, we try to find out the inner most sense/essence of life or ask ourselves 'what am i doing with my life'..This blog is just something like that. My internet was down, This is what happens to me when I'm without Internet, Blame it all on BSNL I say..I'm not responsible. ;)  Please solve my internet issues soon BSNL or people could suffer more and if you are so desperate feel free to take steps to solve the issue as well :D. But i really like reading these regularly, it pumps me up. Hope it does to you as well.
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  7. "The Storm"

    Saturday, February 9, 2013

    It was calm, pleasant, happy.. Until you came all guns blazing,
    I still sit here gazing at the sky without a clue,
    You made everything around me blue.
    You broke the laughter,And let me rot all alone in the rafter.
    You broke the smile,
    And parted us away by a million mile,
    You wrecked the boat,
    And for all the sorrows I was made the scapegoat.
    Everything was chaos because of the winds blow,
    And no one could hear the cry of the troubled soul.
    The light from the sky used to give us some faith,
    But you tossed us up upside down changing our fate.
    You brought Darkness into our life,
    you made ……………….. me stutter to write this line.
    You blew hard sweeping everything aloof,
    And left me weeping all alone.
    You Gobbled up everything that was in your way,
    Making me sober in this way.
    People said this might start of new life of gods send,
    But I wish soon this pain comes to an end.

    | | |

  8. Viswaroopam - Kamal's Biryani.

    Thursday, January 31, 2013

    First and foremost thing is, i feel very sad for Kamal, he has put in a lot of Hard work and Money into this movie, he expected this to win Big,but it is so unfortunate that he has had to face this many problems. This could do so much damage to an ordinary artist, but kamal is no Ordinary artist, nothing is going to change in him and i'm sure his next ventures will have even more strong messages, these doesn't break him.. if he was such a person he would have compromised with DTH issue , but he stood for decision and was stubborn, it's hard to break this kind of people. Being a Rajini fan i should say, he has handled the situation exceptionally well,I'm not sure if super star would've reacted in this way..he would have gone for more peaceful and non-controversial manner,  though some say kamal could have bent down a little and the problem would have been solved very easily, but he doesn't do that.. He stood for his decision and fought till he could and that is the exact same thing he is doing now.
              Kamal din't see this coming, any of this. He was expecting a big opening for the movie but the situation is so bad that his fans have had to travel to other states to watch the movie. So what really happened is Kamal is sitting here with his all delicious chicken biryani, made with the help of some very high end technological instruments, by the looks of it we can say it has both the South indian spice and some mayonnese and cheese and all foreign stuffs too in it. Looks like a winner to me. But BAAMMM came the problems one by one. First the DTH and now this muslim community issue.The sad thing is that we still haven't seen the movie and we don't have a freaking idea about who is correct err!! We fans are in a bad state as well, We got the smell of the Biryani, got the reviews about how awesome it is, but still when we were about to eat..these people snatched it. (kaiku eatnathu vaiku etama pochi)
    Kamal's Viswaroopam - Looks delicous, spicy.. yum yum!!
             But poor fellow he is being stuck between a big political games which we don't understand what it is. But we are fed with some information through this media, We analyse that in Facebook pages and start over reacting, we do it for everything, Recently it started from this CWG scam,2g scam,then this lokpal bill..this dude Anna Hazare (Sounds like you've heard his name before, eh? ), then came the Delhi-Girl-Rape case, we reacted.. put up DP's, Sent very strong petition's IN FACEBOOK.. caused hell a lot of change and now the prime minister along with sonia gandhi with help of some police officials are counting the number of petitions and number of black DP's we kept, and reports say we are very close to winning and they will punish those guys based on this. Sigh! And now the focus shifts to next issue, So does the DP's in Facebook.I haven't tried this timeline graph, but what i guess it could be is, collect all DP's in particular time period and you can figure out what had happened during that time, I wonder why i'm yet to see any strong petitions.. or there must have been some revolutionists trying hard to spread the petition.
               The problem with us is that we dance exactly to the tune of the Media, who unfortunately dance to the politicians tunes.. they decide what issue should be made big, what should be swallowed. They decide, feed us with the news, some see the news and start the Facebook revolt and then it spreads like a leaked love affair in a class and we all start moaning about it. We don't see the issue in any other perspective  we just accept what we are told.
                I feel it was correct to postpone the movie last time around, with Republic day and miladi-nabi around the corner you cannot release such a controversial movie, if it is being released, for all the 500 odd theaters there should be Police security, During republic day can we afford to do that ? No, maybe there could been some attacked planned if the police were diverted with this issue and republic day functions could have become a chaos (Argh! i should stop seeing this Homeland). That's fine for me, but why did the TN govt again ban the movie ? That's suspicious, maybe we'l be knowing what game it was after few days. Now Kamal sits there with his decilcious Biriyani ready to be served to the hungry fans but some organisations complaint that the chicken in the biriyani is shown as chicken, and govt feels that it's correct and want all the chickens to be removed, kamal has now agreed to remove a Leg piece, further judgement will be made on 4th. Lets hope we get some chicken piece and not just kuska.
    Piece less Bad-conditioned. Eyy!!

      I really hope these issues get solved and Kamal gets what he really deserve, Fame,money,name,awards.

    P.S :Sorry if i had offended any of your feelings.. I tried to be funny and as well convey how i see this issue, you din't find it funny ? You wanna start a facebook war ?

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    Sunday, March 11, 2012

    One of the few things my geneneration can be proud of is living in era of legends like Dravid.  I really wondered if cricket will be continued to be called the gentlemen's game even after loosing one of its perfect and greatest gentlemen . He for sure will be a great loss to India and the test cricket. When people thought test cricket was extinct he was one of few men who brought it to life. I will say he is one of the few players who played the game the way it is meant to be played.

              He was calm,composed,spirited... name it any, he had all the qualities a Good cricketer needs. The wall wasn't built in a single day, It was built brick by brick,stone by stone..and cemented together by his passion towards the game. He is not just a Test cricketer,he can blaze off the bowlers and can be their night mare when it is needed but the team mostly requires him to be calm. At no.3 it is important that he plays exactly the way he usually does. He can be aggressive too,which he has shown in IPL. I'm happy we can at least see him in next IPL. 

                I would say his retirement and his motive behind it was one of the brick which completed the wall and did not break it down. There can be another Dhoni,another Ganguly another VVS , even another sachin can come up. But there will be only ONE RAHUL DRAVID. He is a perfect example of how a batsmen should be. He poised his batting like how he is..Calm,steady,passionate. He had a perfect stance with his back lift going to the fine leg which i don't see in modern day cricketers, and which was one of the things they used to teach us when we were young. Shoulders facing the bowler, giving him the perfect balance. It was a pleasure to watch him bat. I wonder how he has managed to do the same things for years. Stepping on to the field with pride..passion of representing our country which is shown clearly with the way he bats. He picks his shots very carefully like each innings is his first.Being in the same era of sachin tendulkar and still getting his share of praise is something unimaginable.People say "
    When going gets tough, Tough gets going..." When all the other players failed,he used to be the one player who just got going.Especially in foreign soil.

             He was a legend in making from the word GO! .. Century at the Home of cricket on his debut,couldn't have started his career better. With his bat, he has always been the one person who keeps reminding people what real cricket is all about . There may be lot of critics against him,but no one can deny the fact that he is a delight to watch on his day. As a young kid,i have always looked up to him. His passion and commitment towards the game has always been a quality to be admired. He was at his best at No.3, one of the worlds best at that position. But when the team needed a opener he was the one who stepped up. But what impressed me the most is..when the team needed a quality wicketkeeper he stepped up. Being a cricketer i know what it takes to be a Wicket keeper. Standing behind the stumps for 50 overs and again batting for another 20-30 overs is no joke. He did it for the team. A perfect team man i would say.

                  With No disrespect to the likes of Sachin,Ganguly or VVS..Rahul has done what many cricketer's wouldn't have done.He has stepped down to leave way to the youngsters. Yes, i would love to see him play in test cricket,he could have played another year. But he din't want to be a wall to a young kid's dream of playing for India. Which has made me love him more.Like a new feather added to his cap. I would say this brick has completed the wall. The player of his stature deserves a testimonial match and a sendoff like how lara got.We would wish he had retired after a match so that we could give him a grand send off. But he had other thoughts. When asked about that he replied "
    if i decide to retire after a match.. i had to play well for my sake to earn the respect while i leave the game... but i always wanted to play as team man for the team". This proves what kind of human he is.#TakeABowSon.
    He was a reliable fielder at the slip,210 catches is not a joke. 
    "We will miss you Rahul " The Square cut(the sound your square cut used to a pleasure to hear), The Cover drive,the pull shot..we will miss everything. Take a bow son. India is lucky enough to have this gentlemen play for us.
    Some of his jaw dropping stats :

    * 1999: Ceat Cricketer of the 1999 World Cup
     * 2000: Wisden Cricketer of the Year 2000
     * 2004: Sir Garfield Sobers Trophy Winner (Awarded for ICC Player of the Year)
     * 2004: Padma Shri
     * 2004: ICC Test Player of The Year, MTV Youth Icon of the Year for 2004
     * 2006: Captain of the ICC's Test Team
     * 2011: NDTV Indian of the Year's Lifetime Achievement Award with Dev Anand
     * His remarkable fitness allowed him to play 93 consecutive Tests from his . debut to December 2005
     * As a captain Dravid had mixed success; he led India in 25 Tests, winning eight and losing six. Under him India cemented a newly won reputation for being good travellers, winning Test series in Pakistan in 2003-04 - he captained in two out of three Tests - West Indies in 2006 and in England in 2007
     * 1 in highest no. of catches(210)
     * 2 of highest run getters in Tests,
     * 4 in The list of highest Test centuries
     * involved in 88 Test century partnerships
     * four centuries in four consecutive innings,
     * scored 23%of The Total Team runs with an avg of 102.82 in The 21 Tests won by INDIA under GANGULY's captaincy,
     * involved in a record parTnership of 410 runs with sehwag vs pakistan
     * Faced highest no.of deliveries[31082]in Test cricket,
     * 2nd in highest no.of fifties.
    P.S : Im not an expert , Everybody is entitiled to their own views,so am i..

    i have just put up my views. Comments are welcome :)
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  10. That Amazing Night

    Thursday, March 8, 2012

    Hey people ! *grin* i know it's been long since i blogged. Not that i din't have anything to blog about, but just din't feel like posting one. But yesterday night was a special one for me so could not resist posting one. So yeah i can say I am back xD. I have gone through kinda grey patch in last few weeks, so to cheer up myself i needed something like this. And it is all about my first love--> ARSENAL :).
    Few weeks back we played the Italian giants AC Milan at San Siro( their home ground). We were ofcourse the underdogs considering the form of both the teams. And we were affected by few injury problems too. With Arsene Wenger (Our manager)  complaining about the pitch ,we had too much problems even before the game started. As the game started we actually realized what wenger was talking about. And the problems got worst . We were unable to cope up with Milan's striking force.Very early in the match kevin prince boateng shot was too good for wojciech szczesny to stop. And as the game went we looked more and more sloppy and the pitch din't do any good to us either. There were many talking points like penalty incident involving RVP which must have been given but at the end of the day the score board read AC Milan 4-0 Arsenal. We were devastated. We were humiliated.
    Then again yesterday second leg was awaiting us.With 4 goals defeicit we were clearly the underdongs again. We had nothing to loose. We played to restore some pride. Though we believed we can Do the impossible knowing only one team has pulled back 4 goal deficit in Champions League history we din't have our hopes high.
    Groove was fully packed with almost 60,000 fans. We again had lotta injury problems with only two midfielders available we had to play Alex oxlade chamberlain in the midfield instead of arteta. With Gervhino-RVP-Walcott upfront it looked like we were going the improbable.Prematch shows were pretty much filled with Almost every pundit ruling off arsenal from pulling this off.
    Match kicked off we started to create chances from the word GO! . With just 3 mins on the clock we already created a chance. And it looked like every one in the red and white were ready to give their everything. Arsenal were awarded a corner early on and Alex went on to take it and did a decent delivery and Laurent kosienly came in running from behind and headed the ball on to the net LIKE A BOSS.6" on and arsenal were already 1-0 up. We looked fired up. The crowd started to getting behind the team. Few minutes later Sagna penalised and given yellow card(Never a yellow card in million years),Wenger was furious at the refree. 17th minute there was a mix up in Milan's defense and RVP and Rosicky had a easy chance to make it 2-0 but missed it completely.We started playing our very own passing game and Rosicky was the one in the center distributing the balls. Zlatan got a sight of goal but the flag was up,credit to arsenal back four they looked solid. At 17th min RVP forced a superb save from abiatti powering a similar shot to that against spurs. With Arsenal fans gettin behind the team so well,pressure was up on Milan. Walcott and gervhino got the better of their fullbacks. 26th minute the little mozart Thomas Rosicky fires one for the gunners. Arsenal 2-0 up. AC Milan's coach Massimiliano Allegri was screaming and looked worried as the mighty Arsenal continued to play their beautiful passing game. With Thomas Rosicky in the form of his life,Every pass was inch-perfect and every turn left the defender in his wake. Alex made a dangerous run through the middle dribbling between two defenders and they were closing on him. Alex went to the ground inside the box and a penalty awareded to Arsenal. The captain stepped up and decided to take the crucial penalty. And BANG he goes. Robin Van persie scores for arsenal. As the fans started screaming "Arsenal ! Arsenal FC We are by far the greatest team the world has ever seen" pretty much true i would say. Half time and arsenal are 3-0 up. Who on earth expected this ?? It looked like it was a dream..dream 45 mins for every arsenal fan. There was no Henry,bergkamp,pires,vieira,flamini,adams playing and it was not Higbury. But still it was like Good Old ARSENAL . Emirates was electrifying. and yeah AC Milan looked shocked being on the receiving end  they just couldn't handle us. We looked like champions. Fearless.Brave. Committed.

    Second half underwent but the players looked tired. Liverpool match should be the reason. Second half was a pretty ordinary performance from arsenal. With Alex and walcott injured we were lacking some pace. Park and chamakh din't do any good. With RVP missing a easy chance it pretty much summed up our second half and how tired our players were. With no first team midfielder in the bench wenger was forced to go with chamakh in the midfield *Facepalm*. The match ended up 3-0. Arsenal falling one short of making history. And fans and players looked disappointed but fans went on to scream with pride and boys walked out with their heads held high up. And a big sigh of relief in the face of Milan players and fans as the ref blew the final whistle. First leg performance has cost arsenal the qualification .
    Arsenal's players stood on the pitch after the final whistle blew with their heads in their hands in utter despair after going so close to the greatest fight back in Champions League history.For 45 glorious minutes at the Emirates, Arsenal dared to believe and overwhelmed mighty Milan with a breathtaking display full of never-say-die spirit, determination and glory.They made mission impossible look possible with a performance which made Arsenal's players heroes..Gods rather than nearly men.
    One of the games which will go to the history books. and with all the tough time arsenal fans have experienced recently it was a night of pride and pure passion for them.SO NEAR YET SO FAR.
    I know it wouldn't interest many of you but it was a special night for me. It was good crying and screaming the hell out at 2..2 30. Only arsenal can make me do that. I went crazy for RVP Goal and it was an heavenly feeling. And even though we were out of CL we were proud of being an ARSENAL fan(like everyday)  :).
    Gooner till i die. ARSENAL <3 COYG :)
    P.S :  Will come up with a better and interesting post next time. xD
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    Tuesday, December 6, 2011

    Recently there was a discussion amongst a few college students whether business is better for their future or Jobs. Many preferred Jobs as they wanted a secure life, with more income and less hard work.
    They said it’s too much of a risk to take up business soon after their college. While some were talking  for their ambition and dream of being successful in life, yes the latter sound money oriented while the former sound like a typical corporate element. But is that all ? School, college, job ? is that going to be the routine for all the next generation students ? I found some exceptions, Big time exceptions.
    While there are people who are very much concerned about their own life there are people who had concern and love for their country.
    They went to place where they made “Men out of boys” and sacrificed their joys while their civilian friends enjoyed Living their life with the fashion trends;
    Enjoying their so called "college days" While the latter sweated and bled in the sun and haze.
    While the former promised to his Girl friend that he would never leave her the latter took oath to protect our mother country over land, air or sea, And make the supreme sacrifice when the need came to be. They were never recognized for their sacrifices.
    While the former protected his house with alarms the latter left his wife, sons,daughters,sisters,parents to our mother India to take care and bleeded for her. While the former enjoyed his weekends in cinema theaters the latter spent his time in the place where death looms all the time.
    He was the man standing guard in the snow,
    He dint know the name of his newborn He did not meet his father who breathed his last.
    Even after knowing all these, He was the one who stood tall and protect our nation in Punjab Himachal and Thois. After all these do they get their due recognition or at least what they deserve ?
    This country promised them to give a future, look after his family ? did it full fill it ? After all our country protects even the criminals and terrorists. In spite of these facts they still risk their life without a sigh, To keep our Flag flying high. All we do is a gun shot after their death and few drops of tears.For our tomorrow they sacrifice their today!
    Do we understand they deserve more ? Its high time we give their due’s and give them what they deserve for letting us live the safe life we live today. A Salute and a Bow is the least we can do for now.
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  12. I AM ANNA

    Monday, August 29, 2011

    AUGUST 15, 1947 ‘THE HINDU’ newspaper reads “FREE INDIA IS BORN”,”MEMBERS TAKE PLEDGE OF SERVICE TO COUNTRY”. ‘The Times Of India’ reads “BIRTH OF INDIA’S FREEDOM”,”NATION WAKES TO NEW LIFE”,”Mr.Nehru calls for Big effort from people”. Today ‘AMSARAJIYAM’ reads “INDIA TAKES A NEW BREATH OF LIFE”.
    Past few weeks, there has been a revolutionary change happening in Indian politics, a Old man,74years of age has been standing tall like a guarding soldier amidst the sun and haze to protect us. The similarity is that both Anna hazare and army men sacrifice their today for our tomorrow.

    There were times when other countries saw men from our country as saints, intellects, but it was in BC. The world has changed now, so has the view of other countries on India and Indians. They have started seeing Indians as greedy, corrupted people because of few corrupted civilians who are hidden amongst us. It’s high time we change this. Have we started? You know the answer, YES!

    ‘Anna hazare’ is the name that has been echoing and feeding humongous amount of breaking news for the news channels for the past one month, protesting and staging a silent war for the amendment of Jan Lokpal bill. I see people asking ‘where were you all these days Anna ji ? ’, ‘why didn’t you start this war few years back, we could have saved millions?’ I would say “Better late than never”.
    But where was he all these days? He definitely did not jump from Mars or Venus, so where was he? He was in You and Me, he was in the person who tweeted angrily seeing the CWG scams, he was the youngster who had put up a igniting status message in facebook seeing the 2G scam, he was in the 40 year old who used to arise discussion amongst his fellow colleagues on corruption, he was in the press reporters and columnists who used to write about corruption week in and week out, he was in the teenager who filled up his blogs with blazing articles. All these people were waiting for a chance to burst up,to stand up against corruption which Hazare gave them.

    Anna hazare is a person who has the heart of 2011 youngster and brain of a Man of 1947.Did he say something new? Did he fight for something we have not heard of? No, all he did was he stood up against all the odds and voiced for you and me, stood up and said what people like you and me had in our mind. He voiced the cry of a family man who was forced pay bribe to get his land registered, he voiced for the forty year old who had to pay bribe in Hospitals to get his treatment done, he voiced for the nation which was weeping in anger seeing the amount of corruption that has been taking place all these days.

    The youngsters were desperate for a leader like Anna to lead them to right path, all were looking up asking lord Krishna, Jesus, Allah to come and help us. And finally the ray of hope came, Is that all about Anna hazare? No, hazare showed us the way, our strength i.e. Unity. Today the victory is not Hazare’s but it’s ours; there can be nothing more powerful than the people in a democratic nation like India. If we are united nothing can stumble us, hazare made us realize that. Past few days was like a week full of India-Pakistan match. Before this happened, it seemed like our country men would realize they are Indians only in three circumstances. First, During India-Pakistan match. Second, independence day and finally, when we get our Visas. Hazare changed the scenario. From over a month he has brought up the spirit of oneness in Indians together. He stood steady, against the government, against the political pressures, against all odds for our future generations. A big salute to the man who made it possible. He may look old, but he has a young heart of our century.

    He has showed us the way, now it is the supreme duty of the younger generation to say no to corruption and follow the right path and make our country clean and pure. In 1963 Hazare was a driver for Indian army and now after so many years he is the driving force for the entire nation.Hail Anna Hazare! Let’s be a role model to our future generations Stand up against corruption “Anti-Corruption Starts from you!”.
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  13. The Liquid Gold!

    Thursday, August 4, 2011

    People say “Nothing is permanent except Change” We all know this fact.
    We all know everything keeps changing in one way or the other. But there is one thing that keeps changing in just one way, only one way. We are talking about a commodity that is an integral part of everyday life . But the problem with the most important commodity is that its cost is ever increasing as "rajanikanth's fans list”. Yes, if you guess that we are referring about petrol, then you are right. It’s been an every day problem from a prolonged time. Like rajinikanth says”mun veitha naan kaalai pin veikamaten” the petrol prices have been moving in one way, only one way. It goes Up, Up above the world so high!
    There have been strikes and protests to reduce the cost of petrol. But we are not going to talk about that. Let’s stop complaining and act smart. So, our first area to concentrate is, how to save petrol? Here are some ways.
    Buy or fill up your car or bike with petrol in the early morning, when the ground temperature is still cold. Remember that all service stations have their storage tanks underground. The colder the ground, the more dense will be the fuel. When it gets warmer, petrol expands. So, when you fill your vehicle’s tanks in the afternoon or in the evening, one litre is not exactly “a litre or 100ml”. In the petroleum business, two aspects, the specific gravity and the temperature play an important role. one degree rise in temperature is a big deal for this business. But the service stations do not have temperature compensation at the pumps.
    Another important tip is to fill up when your tank is HALF FULL. The reason for this is, the more fuel you have in your tank the less is the volume of air occupying its empty space. Petrol evaporates faster than you can imagine.
    Another reminder, if there is a fuel truck pumping into the storage tanks when you stop to buy, DO NOT fill up--most likely the petrol/diesel is being stirred up as the fuel is being delivered, and you might pick up some of the dirt that normally settles on the bottom.
    But there is one solution that could make you even more smarter, healthier, eco-friendly. Yes, Let your vehicles take rest and Start walking, go eco friendly and save the planet!
    "Burn your Calories not your money! "
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  14. Bustling means “Move in an energetic or noisy manner” a word which I felt could definitely be apt to describe our own ‘Burma bazaar’. It has History, Mobiles, Video games, CD’s,Electronic items and what not ? I recall my child hood days, Whenever I want a CD or any electronic items the first word or place that strikes my mind is Burma bazaar.
    It’s been a repository of all the above from over a long period of time. Whenever I think about it, I get lot of questions in my mind. One of them is Why It’s called ‘Burma’ Bazaar. I tried to encapsulate its hidden history.
    So, here’s how the story apparently goes. Back in olden days, around the time when we had just got our independence, there were quite a few people from Burma, who were working in plantations. There was a sizeable working population that was from India, and life went on. When a new emperor/king took over Burma, as a means of doing what Srilanka started off to do as well, the government wanted to increase the chances of locals getting employed, so kicked out all the non-Burmese population out of the country. Quite a few countries interfered and so did India, especially TamilNadu. As we are known for and as the proverb says “vantharai vazha veikum thamiz nadu” we stood by our name and we justified the saying.
    Out of humanitarian concern, the government of tamilnadu setup a strip of land, where the refugees could sell whatever possessions they had – most of them were plantation equipment, so that with that money they could start a living. This was around 1962. The agile selling still goes on, and the place stays ever energetic and ever lively throughout the day.
    The bazaar is run by Burma Tamizhar Marumalarchi Sangam, an association that has been set up to look after the interests of the traders since 1966.Tamil nadu government laid the foundation for their life, but they worked hard and developed Burma bazaar into a big archive of electronic goods. From place for refugees to a big archive of electronic goods, these people have really been a example for hard work. Appreciation for these people is the least we could do. These people’s hard work will ensure Burma buzaar will always be a Busy Buzaar
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