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    Thursday, December 11, 2014

    It's been long time since I blogged. Something happened last week that I felt was worthy of a blog. Many would suggest I build it up and then beak 'hugging pires' thing. But that's all I have been talking ever since that happened. Answer for many questions, irrespective of what the question was, my answer would be "ROBERT PIRES".
    This literally has been the case with me, if you feel I'm exaggerating try me.. Ping me I say. So how did it all started, the moment we knew Bobby would be coming to Chennai we decided we have to meet him. We know if we miss this, we can never see him again. So we wanted to try in all possible ways. We contacted a guy from isl to help us, flopped. I went to linkedIn and sent message to everyone who was associated with FC Goa. They didn't reply. Messaged few of 'em in Facebook no reply. Then we contacted a organization which gave AMSC  the information about Pires, then mailed FC Goa and Boom they replied to us, gave us the information about when they are landing in Chennai. We planned to give him a grand reception. Little did I know it will be this grand. We arranged everything and when I entered the airport I saw already there are 50 odd red jerseys waiting. Wow I said to myself. We were waiting and the storm came. What a moment, we were chanting super rob and he walked towards us.. Hands in pocket, 
    Just as he came near to us.. Hands out of pocket, waved at us. How can a Hi be this stylish.. I was like 'who are you rajinikanth' ? you have to see this to understand what I'm saying, and my ACSC boys, oh don't get me started about how awesome they are. We just stunned every soul in the Airport, they just didn't know how to handle us. Oh the chants, was echoing in my ears for days. 

     Then he signed our jerseys.. Was disappointed not to get his autograph but was elated that I could touch him. Went over to Hyatt and they didn't allow anyone in red jersey to enter into their hotel. I was kinda proud we had this effect. Then went back to screening and next day morning I was still buzzing that I met Bobby. My friend called me said we can go to Hyatt and give it a try, he met him already the previous day. It was a long shot we didn't expect it to be successful but I just wanted to give it a try. We walk in.. No one stopped *sigh of relief* we went to the lobby, came to know they are yet to arrive. We sat there waiting for him. And I hear 'He is here'. I wanted to piss. I was like seriously? Most important moment of my life and that's what how my body reacts. I look inside the bar and there he is. I forgot everything else.. We walked up to him. One of my friend lost patients and called him hello Robert he said Hi. We shook hands. Said we are arsenal fans. I was like the guy who got to meet his long term crush for the first time(i couldn't just find a comparison equal to this).. Had loads in my mind to ask but my mouth wasn't functioning. damn you, rest of the times I never stop talking.. When I had to, I was silent. While he was signing our jerseys I was looking at him. Never took my eyes of him.. I was sightadichifying him like I have never done to anyone.

    You can see me, not taking my eyes of him :) how can I, Oh bobby :) 

    Then I gave him my jersey to get it autographed. I asked if he can write "Once a Gooner always a Gooner". ok but can you stretch it, i was looking at him.. he said "stretch strethch". And signed. 
    He answered all of my friends question like who is your favourite arsenal player in current squad. "Santi Cazorla". When my friend had asked say Hi to Henry for us, he said." Do that when he comes to ISL next year ". Wow. I promise I'll write a blog again if that happens. One of my friend got sign in a dog tag. He signed. Then my friend showed the dog tag, it said " In arsene we trust ". Me too he said. Then that is all I remember.. My friends should have a better memory than me. Then he was done signing everything. The guy with him asked us to leave, we started moving away.. I was smiling but all of a sudden I was sad . I realized he is walking away. Voice inside me said " Dude, he is leaving. Go do something.. You have loads to ask ". Then I go in front of him and he looked at me I looked at him for 2 3 seconds. I did nothing, didn't speak a word.. He was like " yes". I was searching for what I wanted to ask, tell him in my stupid brain. I couldn't remember anything. I was like dude talk something. And I said " Bobby thank you for everything you have done for us. I wanted to thank him for invincibles, all the sweet memories he has given us. Maybe he thought I thanked him for the autographs, but I was happy I thanked him from my bottom of my heart. He smiled. I was like OK good job, next move ? Again he was about to move, all of a sudden I wanted to cry.. Maybe only now I realized I met a invincible. But I became emotional.. Was about to burst into tears.. Bang from no where I asked. "Bobby can I hug you" I was like who who who asked that.. I didn't, did I? I was scared. And He didn't answer... Just hugged, with the same hands he lifted the golden trophy, Fa cup, World cup.. The same hands with which he hugged Arsene Wenger, Henry, zidane. OMG OMG.. I hugged him too, I knew I was squeezing him, but I had to control my tears. With a voice that definitely not mine, I said "I LOVE YOU BOBBY". I knew it was the best moment of my life. I don't know what he reacted, I could hear him laugh. Then my inner voice said "photo dumbass,take a photo ". With pires locked inside my arms I looked around for my friends and screamed photo please. I could only see one of my friend arguing to a staff of FC Goa. And no one was around, damn you guys. He looked around as well then said, guess they went off. Thank you and then he left.I was there standing like a statute, in awe. in shock.. in dis belief.. he was just walking away, I was smiling like anything.. i said to myself "wow" and I saw another friend of mine, and he said he saw what just happened. And that is the best moment of my life. I was like ok "Mr.Yemma im done here, do your thing". Then I realized i havn't met Arsene wenger yet. Stay away I said. :) Until next time.

    Take care.

    And hey did i tell you i met Robert Pires ? :) 

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