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  1. Thank you, Guard.

    Tuesday, July 19, 2016

    I was returning back from office, I saw few police officers standing in the Chetpet railway station and reminded me of a murder that happened a few weeks back in chennai. I felt bad that safety is something we don't care about everyday but it's a thing we need every moment, fast forward an hour I was at Chromepet station and saw two police standing, nothing had happened they were doing their usual patrol duty.. I noticed that not many bothered to even look up to them.. I saw them and smiled at them, they smiled back.. I should have ideally saluted them, but felt it'd be kinda weird and they would think I'm crazy and even put me in jail. To think of it, actually no one appreciates their work, we all yearn for that in at our work place and when we don't get it we get upset or angry.. I'm not talking about appraisals and promotion, I don't even know what those are.. But little things like "Hey good job there". But do we do them? No. Not even to our colleagues. Our life is so fast paced that we don't notice the work people do.. Except for that one girl or guy you like in your office. And we all have cursed our clients and complained how unthankful they are, one small appreciation mail from them bammm we'd be flying. However badly we abused them, one mail and then there will be a smile in one corner of our mouth and we will move on saying ahhh whatever, but we would work with a special enthusiasm from next day. So in this case we are the unthankful client, do we realize they are the reason we aren't mugged? Beaten up, maybe even killed. But do we have time to Thank them? salute them, thanking them in their style? Do we smile at them? Do we even have a second to look up at them? No we are busy walking, gazing at our phone, busy updating our gfs,wives or catching some Pokémons. I realized their need when I came to chennai to Bangalore, I was sitting at the KR puram railway station and I started on a Saturday because I had office on SATURDAY,YES ON SATURDAY. Who starts from Bangalore to Chennai on Saturday, there aren't many poor souls like me. So the entire station was kinda empty, just a few families here and there. And a gang came near me and were smoking what looked like ganja and after they were done, they came to me and were randomly talking, initially were very rude to me trying to invite for a fight but I had to nice talk them to avoid any trouble. Some 15 vs 1, didn't think that was the right time to show the world that I've been going to gym (10 days out of 60). Had to undergo this torture of random talks for about 2 hours, thanks to Aravind level punctuality of kaveri express, they must consider changing the name to Aravind express. I realized there are literally no police around. In silicon valley of India, in a main railway station, when they are actually needed.. There were no one to help, nothing happened to me.. I had to talk with them for 2hrs, but I just played along with them. Don't think a girl would do that or should do that, so what if there was a girl with me or instead of me, scary right ? The guy who you didn't glance at, the guy who you didn't have time for. Saved you, your sister, mom. And is saving as you read this. This triggered me to write this blog, I'm not saying I'm a very nice person so i smiled at them and those who don't do it aren't. It's just that these series of events triggered this thought, I'm writing this down so that in a hope that it will trigger the same thought for you as well.  They are actually doing their job and are getting paid for it. But, I don't want to be a unthankful client of theirs. I don't want them to look at me and say " Argh, am I wasting my energy protecting this asshole gazing at his mobile ". I hope I have this feeling for a long time. I will smile next time I see a guard at a railway station and I want to ask them what they feel about their unthankful clients.

    Here it is to the ones I don't see, to the ones I didn't have time to look at as I was busy burying my face in the mobile. Thank you, Guard.
    Is it intentional that god,and guard are similar in pronunciation? Maybe.

    Until next time.

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